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Ilustração 3d de um homem e uma mulher sentados em uma poltrona e cadeira, respectivamente, segurando notebooks com o logo da gentrop.Ilustração 3d de um homem e uma mulher sentados em uma poltrona e cadeira, respectivamente, segurando notebooks com o logo da gentrop.Ilustração 3d de um homem e uma mulher sentados em uma poltrona e cadeira, respectivamente, segurando notebooks com o logo da gentrop.

Transform traditional products and processes in more connected experiences.

Logo Google WorkspaceÍcones do Google Workspace

Google Workspace

If you desire team collaboration, cost reduction with infrastructure and assurance in data security, Google tools are ideal for your company. Discover Google apps that go beyond Gmail for business.  

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Everything you need to achieve your project.

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Get in touch with coworkers wherever they are.

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Storage files and find what you need instantly. 

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Manage users, devices and data safely and easily.

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Logo Google Workspace Essentials

Google Workspace Essentials

Start using the solutions for videoconference, Drive and more! Discover Google apps that work with your current email solution – fast and simplified access.

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Modern Collaboration tools

Employees can see edits as they are made and can comment and assign tasks instantly. 

Google Drive simplifies storing, opening, sharing and editing of content from any device.

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Integration with your current email 

Regardless of the mailing solution of choice of your company, you don’t have to change your whole environment, Google Workspace Essentials is a videoconference solution and drive that works in any business environment.

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Much safer videoconferences

Just schedule a meeting and share a link. Join from any modern browser or using mobile apps – with no need of plug-ins.

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Save Money with Google Meet

When compared with solutions as Zoom or Box, Google Meet helps you save around 60% monthly.

*68% of users prefer to work collaboratively after they start using Google Workspace.

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Google Government Projects

Collaboration and productivity applications for the needs of today's government. Redefine how teams collaborate to deliver service to the citizen and impact on the mission.

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Redefine the way that teams collaborate

• Start working quickly with the configuration and simple implementation of Google Workspace.

• Make your meetings more effective and promote workflow efficiency with Google Meet for videoconferences.

• Collaborate simultaneously in real time with Google Docs, from anywhere with your devices.

Lower costs, modern government IT

• Reduce overload with centralized management for mobile devices.

• Create your own IT services to assist specific needs.

• Use the unlimited storage capacity of Google Workspace.

Ensure protection against modern threats with incomparable privacy and data security

• Protect yourself from cybernetic crimes and natural disasters with Google security protocols, including double encryption and data replication.

• Protect your data and devices with multifactorial authentication, proactive password monitoring and CAC / PIV support for Chrome.

Control data managing and sharing

• Reduce the risk and the costs of compliance audits with data governance on electronic records on Vault.

• Gather employees ideas and allow citizens’ engagement with forms that are easy to use.

• Access your essential data at any time with Google’s guarantee of 99,9% time of activity.

Logo SheetgoAplicativos Sheetgo

Sheetgo Enterprise

Have all your spreadsheets data integrated with Sheetgo, the collaborative tool for data transference, compatible with Google Sheets, Excel, CSV and TSV.

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Change management

From employees to the more bureaucratic processes, everything is well thought and structured so that your company’s adaptation becomes a great success!

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Promote cultural transformation

More than a technology project, to choose Google promotes cultural transformation between your teams. 

Learn how to plan actions to solve refusal cases, choose the right sponsors to endorse change and develop the ideal communication for your employees with Gentrop.

Understand the stages of change

With Gentrop, from start to finish, you enable change through technology, ensuring a positive impact on people around you and providing best practices.

All of that within an implementation schedule and with advice from specialists in the field. Explore how to start the change now! 

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Special Projects

Gentrop provides the implementation of the tool, integration with other platforms and participates in the development of your teams for the better use of the apps.

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Connect people and gain more productivity

Develop integrated projects with Google Workspace solutions to optimize your team’s daily routine.

Enjoy the best of special solutions in worksheets, forms, chat and social network from Google - Currents - to promote integration and productivity!

Create completely
unique experiences

With the corporate education solutions, Classroom and its new social network, Currents, you can surprise your teams with efficient communication, innovation and a high end experience.

Check out the projects that are already a success on other companies! 

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