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Make sense of your data to find actionable insights into your business.

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Gendaas: Data as a Service

Our integrated dashboards help different companies to reach data-driven decisions from secure data visualization and reliable strategies. With our expertise, your marketing teams can identify patterns, measure the results of your actions, and comprehend your consumers' journeys with the latest automation technologies and big data.

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Data management

Smart tech, intelligently used. Reports with smart integrations between Marketing Cloud and Google Analytics.

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Measurement and results

Inspire and engage your customers through every interaction. Connect strategy, indicators, execution, campaigns, and funnel stages - from engagement to conversion in email marketing, SMS, and web push channels - to understand your results and define new horizons for your business.

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Access and control

We build and maintain the most secure, manageable, and retrievable data pipelines for your business with the speed and security of Google Data Studio and Google Cloud Platform applications.

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Version for Datorama

We build dashboards to spot meaningful trends in marketing activities and customer journeys. Use the intelligence of Gentrop's Daas models also for the Datorama platform.

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Salesforce CDP

Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Salesforce CDP enables you to integrate, unify, segment, and activate all your data, providing a single source of information related to your customer.

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Smart Office

Focus on people's insights analytics, understand your employee behavior using Google Workspace as a data source. Comprehend the adoption, engagement, collaboration, and the impacts of Workspace apps on your business team's routine with a cloud solution powered by Gentrop at Google Cloud Platform (GCP). We connect Technology and Human Behavior insights.

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Workspace Management:

Discover how your teams spend time in each Google Workspace application, such as Documents, Chat, Videoconferencing, Email, and more, focused on exploring the technology adoption at your business.

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People Analytics:

Explore reports at a user or department level. Check the engagement and collaboration between teams with the workspace tools.

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Data by business impacts:

Understand the tools practices in your organization, validate the return of investment, and encourage the benefit of the Google Workspace apps in different contexts and processes for all your company.

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